IA reveals annual contest winners

The winner of the landscape
irrigation category is the Flow-Indicating
Basket Filter by Rain Bird Corporation. The Flow-Indicating
Basket Filter monitors drip system performance. It provides all-in-one flow measurement, filtration and
pressure regulation, plus offers easy maintenance and installation.

The winner of the landscape
specialty category is the WaterSwitch
by Irrometer Company. The WaterSwitch works with existing valves or a
controller to improve irrigation efficiency based on plant demand. The module
will prevent irrigation cycles by signaling the controller’s sensor circuit or
interrupting the solenoid power when the soil moisture status is wetter than
the adjustable set point.

The winner of the landscape
lighting category is the SRP
Strip Light by FX Luminaire. The versatile SRP Strip
Light is constructed with extruded silicone to provide superior protection
against tough outdoor conditions, and its specially designed body delivers
soft, even lighting without hot spots or diffusers.

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