Diamond Mowers debuts IBC Smart Screen

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Diamond Mowers, a manufacturer of industrial mowing, mulching and brush cutting equipment for the municipal, skid-steer and excavator markets, has introduced an innovation designed to deliver an unmatched level of live equipment diagnostics. The new IBC (Integrated Boom Control) Smart Screen aids in quickly diagnosing issues and reducing the time to resolution.

“Few things are more painful to a land maintenance fleet manager than lost productivity due to equipment downtime,” said Dan Stachel, executive vice president of Diamond Mowers. “This new technology provides unprecedented ease-of-access to equipment status and diagnostic feedback, enabling operators and technicians to quickly pinpoint and address issues to keep machines in action.”

Designed to work exclusively with the Diamond Mowers’ Integrated Boom Control System, the IBC Smart Screen is a plug-and-play device that attaches to any IBC-equipped machine to track and report real-time data, including motor hours, hydraulic fluid temperature, solenoid amperage, joystick position sensing, controller status and more. The intuitive interface gives operators and technicians visibility to the communication that occurs among the system’s three primary components – joystick, controller and valve. The ability to “see” the messages that these components are sending instills confidence that the system is responding correctly while allowing for quick and accurate diagnostics should issues arise.

“In addition to operational data, the IBC Smart Screen affords operators the ability to adjust the boom speed and joystick sensitivity with just a touch of a finger,” Stachel said. “Whether maneuvering around culverts, telephone poles or guardrails, users can easily configure the boom speed and place the cutter head exactly where they want it every time.”

Created with operators in mind, Diamond Mowers’ exclusive IBC system gives equipment operators single-hand control and personalized comfort. A customizable armrest with built-in joystick replaces the OEM unit and integrates seamlessly with the existing tractor seat. The fully adjustable armrest pivots side to side and back and forth, is height adjustable, and features a wrist adjustment to deliver ergonomic comfort for each operator. The IBC joystick puts all of the controls at the user’s fingertips and features an emergency stop button for enhanced safety. The armrest unit also shifts easily to allow access to floor-mounted controls, if needed.

 “The IBC Smart Screen is the perfect complement to our Integrated Boom Control and sets the system apart in the industry,” Stachel said. “Together, these exclusive Diamond Mowers’ offerings enhance operator control, comfort and safety to ensure maximum productivity.”

 To learn more about the IBC Smart Screen and take a virtual tour of the product, visit DiamondMowers.com.